Brand Ambassador

The Brand Ambassador is a figure chosen to endorse the public image of a brand or a company, becoming its spokesperson both in the long term and in the short term (event, evening, one-off).

His/her role is to develop and enforce a positive image of the company through an effective interaction with consumers.
To this end, the Brand Ambassador promotes services and products to increase brand awareness, i.e. the extent to which customers recognize a brand and therefore connect it to its products or services.

He/she is the ideal figure for companies, groups and organizations willing to develop a brand identity in any sector.


Being true brand spokespersons, the Brand Ambassadors are required to embrace and represent the principles any company wants to transfer as key points of their image.
For this reason, they can be drawn from several categories such as:

-Tv celebrities
-Fashion Influencers
-Instagram Influencers
-Story Tellers
-Tattoo artists

The choice is based on the evaluation of the core elements and mission of every single company, in order to fully and successfully meet the needs of any specific brand.